The cover for the BLOODRED album "NEMESIS"

NEMESIS” is the first full-length album from BLOODRED and was released on April 8th 2016. With six new tracks the album also includes both songs from the “The Lost Ones”-EP.

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander Krull (Atrocity, Leaves’ Eyes) at his Mastersound Studios. Joris Nijenhuis (also Atrocity, Leaves’ Eyes) was on the drums again, Ron played all other instruments and did the vocals. The superb artwork was done by Stefan Heilemann, who is also renowned for his work for the likes of LINDEMANN, Nightwish, Leaves’ Eyes and many more. The album got great reviews from Metal Magazines and Websites all over the world (see below).

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1. Fell Voices On The Wind [02:11]
2. Tragedien I Svenskehuset [05:02]
3. Nemesis [07:05]
4. The Hail-Storm [05:16]
5. Collateral Murder [05:14]
6. The Lost Ones [04:59]
7. Spirits Of The Dead [04:45]
8. Im Kalten Licht Der Ewigkeit [08:04]

Total Running Time: 43 Min.

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Media Feedback

88 / 100
“… the atmosphere here is very cold … definitely a fitting sound … excellent …”
(Metal Archives)

8 / 10
“… sounds very professional for being a self released recording … if you are a fan of melodic, Blackened Death Metal, you should check out this album.”
(A Different Shade Of Black Metal)

8 / 10
“A really good album …”
(Time For Metal)

3,5 / 5
“… rough edges to really make things stick … never indulgent, but always adventurous, Merz makes a real statement with BLOODRED’s debut.”

“… tremendous … the riffs are powerful and embodied the roots of Black/Death metal in every passage … producing savage brutality with high paced double kicks and aggressive blast beats … a punishing work … fascinates me in its delivery and structure of each riff … strong and relentless attack … make you want to jump into the mosh pit.”

“… frenzied and fierce … like a wildly whipping whirlwind.”
(Valley Of Steel)

“… the record is just awesome! You gotta have it! Well done Ron … very, very well done.”

“… BLOODRED has proven to be a massive surprise — filled with galloping riffs and hefty melodic sections that could easily hold appeal for people who love groups like Amon Amarth.”
(No Clean Singing)

“… one-man project of the special and outstanding class …”
(Sonic Seducer)

“A well-crafted smelting of black metal’s archaic … death metal’s careful exactitude that sounds unprocessed and up to date … exhibits the greatest sentiments of extreme metal as a whole.”
(Auto Erotic Asphyxium)

“… dynamic and energetic … effortlessly changing BLOODRED between mosh-able and expansive heroic moments … a remarkable album …”
(Franconia Metallum)